Cloud Services

In the world of today, business is under the ever-changing effect of makeover & mobile access to information, communication & applications is no exception. Keeping abreast of all these modern changes, Mpundit knows that performance or features of any application, be it mobile apps, web services, your favorite mobile web site etc., functionality success is dependent on the mobile back end servers to support the application. Mpundit’s custom mobile application expertise do not let you compromise on performance of your app. Our USP of back end server development is our expert back end developers who have vertical responsibilities & full understanding of visual impacts of applications, not to forget back end programming languages & frameworks.

Amazon Web Services

Mpundit back end server development has also become cynosure of back end development eyes as our expert developers suggest you whether to choose a cloud-based solution or go with some hosted solution. Reason is simple. We believe in the perfect server configuration for your wish of business & our responsibility from back-end databases to front-end visual delights.

Mpundit has expertise in following AWS Services
  • We use Amazon Lambda compute services to build mobile & web apps that respond quickly to new information.
  • Mpundit uses Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android to call Lambda Function from your mobile apps.
  • We use S3 to build secure, highly scalable Web Services based cloud storage.
  • We use Amazon DynamoDB that provides scalable and low-latency online database based on NoSQL.
  • We use Amazon Relational Database Services that provide scalable database server and also support SQL Server, PostgreSQL and finally MySQL.
  • Push Notification
  • SES
  • Cognito
  • API Gateway

Microsoft Azure

Mpundit has full expertise in building backend servers using Storage, Computing, Mobile, Networking and Analytics from Microsoft Azure. Mpundit has built and managed large enterprise mobile, web and Iot apps. For business critical mobile apps, we highly utilize Azure services and tools like Premium Azure SQL Database, Azure Traffic Manager and integrate Azure CDN.

Mpundit has expertise in following Azure Services
  • We use SQL server for managed SQL and NoSQL Database that scale your app performance and improve efficiency.
  • We use Azure Active Directory to manage users and group of data.
  • We can create SQL Database, DocumentDB, as well as Table Storage type.
  • We use StorSimple for hybrid cloud storage.
  • We use Source Control, Continues Integration (CI) tools like TFS and Github.

The tool provides features like data binding, dependency injection, modularity, composable and event driven architecture.

It also interface with PhoneGap and allow us to build Hybrid Mobile Apps that can be downloaded and used on the mobile device. The ability to build responsive web and mobile apps using single source code has made this Framework very popular. It has quickly growing developers community/group around this framework and asset help gave to it by Google. Any framework needs in any event these 2 components (energetic group and driving tech organization support) to be successful.


Mpundit has been developing PHP web applications and backend database servers since last sevaral years. We use standard LAMP environment to build server applications and websites for any business domain and vertical. We are expert in several frameworks like CakePHP, Zend Framework and Yii Frameworks to rapidly build websites of large scale. We combine our HTML5 skills with PHP knowledge to create responsive websites. We pay special attention to our PHP team and continuously nourish it with personnel trainings and motivation, knowledge sharing and performance monitoring.


Mpundit is an expert .NET web developer and Microsoft partner from last several years. We have expertise in developing custom ASP.NET website with SQL database for startups, enterprises and government agencies. We have 6+ years of experience in developing websites using various tools and frameworks like ASP.NET 4.5, WCF/WPF, Silverlight, Xamarin, Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Crystal Report, Entity Framework, ADO.NET.