Innovative Digital Education Solution Provider

Educational institutions and organizations are highly leverage on digital tools and platforms to accomplish their every day task and data driven operations. Mpundit’s expert software veteran helps all type of educational institutions and organizations to streamline their workflow and handle their management, staff and student level task easily by developing innovative digital solution for them. We develop the futuristic education systems with mobile technology and web technology that transform the way of teaching, learning, and training methods to next generation. We have expertise in developing following kind of solutions for Education Industry:

  • E-Learning Mobile Applications and Web Applications
  • Virtual Classrooms with Videos and Digital Library
  • Digital Learning Systems via eBook & Audiobook Mobile Applications
  • Interactive Language Learning Mobile and Web Applications
  • Student and Staff Management Mobile Apps
  • Campus Management Apps
  • Attendance Management System
  • Accounting and Financial Systems for Institutions
  • Skills & Improvement Programs
  • Staff Scheduling Systems
  • Sales and Marketing Applications