UI/UX Design Services

UI design is the most important part of creating any mobile application. Mobile devices are small, sleek and touch sensitive and applications created for mobile devices should be designed to fit these form factors. Except, building an application based solely upon functionality does not make it successful. The app has to provide an experience, flow and functionality that make the user want to come back to the application and reuse it.

Mpundit has a team of Mobile UI Designers who can transform the functionalities into a rich user experience. Our Team designs gorgeous, intuitive user interfaces to scale – from elegant, single-purpose microsites to powerful mobile or desktop class applications. Our international team of acclaimed interface designers ponders the placement of every last pixel, ensuring an end user interface that’s not only a pleasure to look at, but also to play with.


Every Mobile or Web project we always begin with the right strategy. Before starting on the design, we believe in creating and determining specific set of objectives for design, content to be consumed and information architecture of any mobile of web project. Based upon your needs, we decide the right strategy, whether you should build mobile or web app or combination of both. At Mpundit, we develop unique strategy for each and every project to design rich mobile/web applications that help to increase the user engagement, average conversion rate and ROI from your product.


It is our key responsibilities to 100% understand and analyze project requirements, specific goals and vision. By giving proper attention to requirements analysis, Mpundit always advice and suggest the client to scope better, write functional, non-functional requirements, information architecture, and use cases.

We simplify the requirements based upon the users and business goals. We will provide our input and suggestions to make your requirements technically viable and functionally robust.


Mpundit use collaborative and latest wireframing tools to create interactive Wireframe or Prototype of the project. During the wireframing process, we decide and design functional flow, navigation, and number of screen of the application. In this process, we closely work with clients to decide application content representation (Images, Photo, Video, Text), and hierarchy of visual elements.

Mpundit has expert team of professionals who takes care of design and scoping process. At Mpundit, we design the wireframes that focus on functionality, behavior, and application content while considering business objectives, client need and targeted audience. We design the mobile/web apps that make possible easy task execution when user encounters the design.

UI Designing

In order to provide best User Experience (UX), Mpundit’s visual designers dedicatedly work on User Interface (UI) designing. At Mpundit, we design rich and modern User Interface with respect to various device screen size, resolution, and iOS/Android new updates. We follow new trend of Minimal User Interface Design to provide super functional mobile apps with great look and feel. We design the UI/UX that support more personalization and gesturization (Pinching, Swiping, Scrolling, Zooming, Multitouch) to increase the user engagement and attachment to the appliacation.